Fountain of Unfailing Love

September 16, 2014

God of Assurance,
Fountain of unfailing love,
well of wisdom and grace,
a mountain of mercy and
stream of salvation,
planter of peace and harvester of hope:
speak to us, that we may flourish;
nurture us, that we may grow;
rescue us, that we in turn may deliver;
and bless us, that we may prosper
in the ways of the Kingdom
and cling to the promise of everlasting life.




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Thomas Turner has been blogging on Everyday Liturgy for the past six years. He enjoys reading, writing, cooking and gardening.

2 responses to Fountain of Unfailing Love

  1. This is so simple and uplifting. Thank You-love your blog. I’ve been a follower via bloglovin for about 6 months.