Good Friday Services

March 26, 2013

If you need some last minute Good Friday service inspiration I have compiled some of the reasources I have developed over the years for you to freely use. If you do use any of these resource, please let me know how it went if you have the chance.

Stations of the Cross Service for Good Friday – A highly adaptable service featuring five major stations of the cross.

Seven Words Service (A) for Good Friday – A service feature the last seven phrases that Christ spoke. A different person would read each of the seven words.  A song (just verse and chorus) would be played after the reading.  The minister gives a 2-3 minute mediation on the word.

Seven Words Service (B) for Good Friday – Similar to Version A, this service is more linear and somber. It is broken up less. One reading opens the service, two songs would then be played; two more readings, two more songs, three more readings, then in the dark the minister would preach a 15 minute meditation followed by communion.

Poems: Tree of Life and Tree of Death – two spoken word poems, meant to be read in tandem, that reflect on the interplay of symbolism between Creation and the Cross.



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