Prayer for Desperate Situations

June 14, 2012

Today I am featuring a guest post by Lisa Delay. She is the author of the recently published Soul Care for Creators and Communicators.

In Catholic tradition, St. Jude is an advocate for hopeless cases. Pleading for help and petitioning his assistance are meted out in the prayer to St. Jude. Evangelicals have prayer chains, prayer circles, prayer meetings and prayer warriors. These field those types of requests, and when things are extra desperate fasting is involved. When wanting privacy the proverbial “unspoken request” is utilized. This spoken yet unspoken request likely ignites curiosity like no other prayer requests can.

How much do we believe God cares for us? Is his superintendence and succor established on the circumstances surrounding our need or by simply being his children?

As we encounter desperate times, let us never lose sight of the place that is ours, the apple of the eye of the Good, Sovereign, and Caring Creator and Savior, the Lord of Hosts. As we bring him our requests may we be fortified by the truth that his care and love is ongoing. We needn’t attract him to our cause by extravagant displays or extraordinary means and pleas, but rather may we accept his grace. To get us started, I have written a “Prayer for Desperate Situations”:

Oh, God,

May I receive the consolations and succor of You above all else.

First, let me realize your nature is Good and Caring of me and my needs.

Nothing can truly harm me, for your are my Protector.

Second, let me rely fully on you to meet me and my needs as your loving provision allows so well.

Secure my heart and my mind for your good and perfect will;

And let me enter this time of trail aware of and thankful for your Presence.

Your Grace has been and will be now all sufficient for me.

Even most thoroughly through your saving son, Jesus Christ.




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