That The Whole Created Order May Flourish

September 8, 2014

God of earnest goodness
And ever faithful love,
Who shines forth his radiant blessings
Upon all creation, and having
Blessed the earth, calls us
To take care of all the world:
Humankind and every living thing
And every resource above or below.

For who should squander the gifts of God?

Instead, let our hearts be fixed
On how the complex web of evil, decay
and destruction will be overturned
(And is even now being overturned!)
By the powers of Christ and the Holy Spirit,
As the world is renewed and set to rights,
That the whole created order may flourish
And take part in the worship
Of Christ’s Kingdom come.




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Thomas Turner has been blogging on Everyday Liturgy for the past six years. He enjoys reading, writing, cooking and gardening.

One response to That The Whole Created Order May Flourish

  1. Amen. Let it be so.