The Reason for Our Joy

October 20, 2014

God of Joy,

You are the holy One,
the One who wipes away our tears
and gives us every good gift,
who sanctifies us by your mercy
and renews our strength daily,
who baptizes us with your Spirit
so that we may be
doers of good deeds,
pursuers of peace,
messengers of mercy,
givers of grace,
champions of charity,
gardeners of generosity.

Why would we not dance?
Why would we not sing?
Why would we not glorify
the One who created all good
things, and searches for the lost?

Is not this the reason for our joy?
Is this this the praise that unites us with the coming King?

Let us rejoice
in the reason for our abounding joy,
for God is the beginning
and the end of all good,
for Christ is the beginning
and the end of eternal life,
for the Holy Spirit is the beginning
and the end of all faith and works.




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Thomas Turner has been blogging on Everyday Liturgy for the past six years. He enjoys reading, writing, cooking and gardening.