With Justice We Go Forth

February 23, 2015

God of Love,

You call us to a neighborliness without caveat,
A love that is unbound and free to behold the
Beauty in every soul, and to see the image
Of God in every body, every face.

You call us to a holiness that is active,
A way to love that necessitates word
And deed. Just as our faith is dead without works,
So to is our love. Give us the gift of love,
That we may take it and spread it,
The seed of your good news; and, in planting
Our love through neighborliness and good works,
May the love of God abound like leaven,
And flourish, both in our hearts and in those whom
We share in life together with.




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Thomas Turner has been blogging on Everyday Liturgy for the past six years. He enjoys reading, writing, cooking and gardening.