February 27, 2015

Everyday Liturgy started out as an idea of how to channel the experience I had in my challenging undergrad courses on this new thing called blogging, way back in 2006. Nine years and over 1,200 posts later, I am going to take an indefinite leave from regular blogging on Everyday Liturgy. The simple reason is that I want to focus my energies on starting a few new endeavors:
A) I am starting a blog on fundraising research
B) I want to pursue more long form writing

Do not fear though, Everyday Liturgy will continue with a renewed focus on publishing weekly prayers and worship resources like O Antiphons. I am looking forward to debuting a prayer book for Pentecost in the near future. Stay tuned.

April 13, 2015

Glorious King,
The One who overthrew the Adversary,
not with the sword,
but with peace,
the One who stayed Peter’s hand,
the One who gave life to the dead,
the One who promised Paradise to a criminal,
the One who reigns as rightful King with peace and justice:
Be our guide through life and our hope in sorrow,
for whether we are forlorn or faithful
you will always be Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords.

March 16, 2015

God on High,
Whose name is justice,
We will worship your Name forever.
We worship you because of your faithfulness,
We worship you because of your lovingkindness,
We worship you because of your righteousness.

Praise the name of the Lord,
for he is good,
and he dwells with us.
Our bodies are God’s temple,
and we are the living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to our Creator and Redeemer,
set apart for good works.

Give us the faith to be the good news
working like leaven in the world,
that justice, truth and the Kingdom may
reign in our bodies, souls,
our neighbors, our enemies
and all of creation.


March 2, 2015

Good and Gracious God,

How lovely is the world you have wrought,
the diversity of floura and fauna,
the diversity of humankind.
You alone have shaped the heavens and the earth,
the lands we know and the stars and
galaxies beyond knowing and the stretch of light.

Your light is everywhere though,
showing a path of goodness and truth
for all who seek you.
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear,
that we may know your will and deny all else.
Give us minds and souls in the image of Christ,
that we may throw of the patterns of this world
and fall into the habits of Your Kingdom.

May your call be our sustaining food,
guiding us through the day and encouraging our work,
so that all we do is good , pleasing and perfect,
a holy fragrance lifted up in worship
to the One who set the universe in motion.


February 23, 2015

God of Love,

You call us to a neighborliness without caveat,
A love that is unbound and free to behold the
Beauty in every soul, and to see the image
Of God in every body, every face.

You call us to a holiness that is active,
A way to love that necessitates word
And deed. Just as our faith is dead without works,
So to is our love. Give us the gift of love,
That we may take it and spread it,
The seed of your good news; and, in planting
Our love through neighborliness and good works,
May the love of God abound like leaven,
And flourish, both in our hearts and in those whom
We share in life together with.


February 9, 2015

God of consolation,

How lovely are the ways you clear for us
and the respite you bring us on our spiritual journeys.

You give us our daily bread, water that lasts
and food that eternally sustains. We do not
want for anything.

But this world is dark and enticing,
clouding our vision and leading us
astray—we too often trust our own orientation.

May your Spirit come and guide us as water and fire,
that we may live out our baptism and our call
to be disciple makers.


January 26, 2015

God of Love,

The foundations of the earth reverberate
with your creative acts.

The words that filled the void echo
in the four corners of the earth.

Let us remember the firmament beneath
our feet is the footstool of the Lord.

Let us remember the waters
from country creek to ocean depths
are signs of cleansing.

Let us remember the mountains sing praises,
the forests sway in adoration
and the plants clap for joy.

Lift your voice and join the world in adoration.


January 5, 2015

God of Wonder,

My eyes have seen your salvation,
my ears have heard the Word of the Lord,
my tongue has tasted the resurrection,
my hands have lifted up your praise…

Yet I am downcast and besmirched
by the pressure of my own desires…

To see, to hear,
to taste, to touch
for my own gain.

My soul quickens to selfishness.

Lift my spirit up and renew my mind, that the Holy Spirit bind my worship to your presence.


December 19, 2014

Christmas is really two holidays. The Christmas we see in stores and on TV, the Christmas of our culture, and the Christmas that Christ followers participate in. The lines get blurred sometimes, and they have the same name, but they really are two separate things.

As someone who has grown up with both Christmases, so to speak, it was important for me to understand how the Church has participated in the seasons of Advent and Christmas so that I could follow the Christmas of the church more and the Christmas of the North Pole, Elf and Rudolph less.

I shared some of my thoughts on this in an article published yesterday on Relevant entitled “The Important Things Church History Taught Me About Christmas.” An excerpt:

Having grown up in the midst of the grand march of commercial and materialistic Christmas to become a three month binge on lights, presents and sweets, it would be easy to accept this as the new normal. There are a few options here: you can embrace it and become that person who plays Christmas music starting right after Halloween, you can act as a crusader against the watered-down Christmas you see around you and display your “Jesus is the Reason” bumper sticker proudly, or, well, you can just kind of go with the flow.

There is another way though. We could go back to celebrating and thinking about Christmas the way so many Christians did before us. And if we start to celebrate Christmas the way it was celebrated hundreds of years ago, we will begin to have a more well-rounded picture of what exactly it means to celebrate a holy God who came in the flesh as a poor, crying baby wrapped in swaddling clothes in Bethlehem so many years ago.

Read the rest of the article on Relevant today. And to help you celebrate Christmas the way it has been throughout Church history, you can download my eBook: O Antiphons: Prayers for the Advent Season.

December 17, 2014

Have you ever tried to do something without preparing? Could you imagine going on a weekend backpack without planning the route or packing a backpack? Going out on in a boat on a lake all day without charging the electric motor? Leaving for a road trip without filling up your car’s tank with gas?

Preparing is a normal part of our daily lives. It is routine and ordinary. Yet, we do not often take the time to prepare in our spiritual lives like we do in our everyday lives. We make notes to remind ourselves to not forget the carton of milk, but do we take the time to remind ourselves to prepare to enter into the presence of God?

Advent is a season of preparation,and today, December 17th, marks the traditional time to begin praying toward the Church’s celebration of the Incarnation on Christmas Day. It is the day that the O Antiphons begin, and I have written a prayer book to help guide us during the next week of Advent as Christians prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth.

O Antiphons: Prayers for the Advent Season is a prayer book to prepare our bodies and souls to worship on Christmas day. The “O Antiphons” are one way that Christians for over 1500 years have been preparing their hearts, souls, minds and bodies to celebrate the coming of Christ at the first Advent, Christmas. In this book, A fresh reading of the O Antiphons, along with an Old and New Testament scripture reading and a meditation with discussion questions to guide you during the last week of Advent. From December 17th to December 23rd, you can use this prayer book to prayerfully come into the presence of the baby Jesus, born of a virgin, fully God and fully human in form, who is Wisdom in the flesh, our Lord, the Savior promised from David’s line, our Eternal Light, the King who unites all peoples and our Emmanuel, the God-who-is-with-us.

Please consider downloading the eBook today from Noisetrade. Tips on Noisetrade will go to International Justice Mission and their fight against everyday violence.