October 20, 2014

God of Joy,

You are the holy One,
the One who wipes away our tears
and gives us every good gift,
who sanctifies us by your mercy
and renews our strength daily,
who baptizes us with your Spirit
so that we may be
doers of good deeds,
pursuers of peace,
messengers of mercy,
givers of grace,
champions of charity,
gardeners of generosity.

Why would we not dance?
Why would we not sing?
Why would we not glorify
the One who created all good
things, and searches for the lost?

Is not this the reason for our joy?
Is this this the praise that unites us with the coming King?

Let us rejoice
in the reason for our abounding joy,
for God is the beginning
and the end of all good,
for Christ is the beginning
and the end of eternal life,
for the Holy Spirit is the beginning
and the end of all faith and works.


October 13, 2014

God of solace,
A refuge from the hard times
and crushing pressures,
a fountain of forgiveness in
times of sin,
a stream of unending salvation
when the ways of the world
are unrelentingly cruel:

Be our pulse,
keeping the work of our hands
moving forward, building your kingdom, for you alone energize us
to do your will and push us
to endure with the work you have called us
to pursue.

Take heart, O God’s people,
for he will not rest or stay silent
until the world is new again
and the morning sun shines its unending love
and grace upon us,
the people of his kingdom.


October 6, 2014

God of the Covenant,

Who stays true to the vow between a god
and those who believe:
the faithful ones who are so often unfaithful,
the sanctified ones who so often sin,
the glad ones who are so often downcast.

Remind us of the path we have chosen.
Let us be faithful to your good news.
Let us be transformed by your new covenant,
a people that is unbound by border or culture,
undeterred by hardship or strife,
unflinching in the face of evil,
unceasing in prayer and worship,
for we are reborn in your baptism
and renewed daily
by the bread that fills our souls
and the cup that never leaves us thirsty.

It is your mercy then that we expand your covenant,
to shelter those who are lost in a foretaste
of your triumphant kingdom.


October 1, 2014

Holy and Good God,
Our source of abundance,
maker of souls, crafter of flesh,
creator of light;
the set apart One who dispels all darkness
who will reign eternal in a kingdom
of glorious peace:
be our salvation,
for you are good,
your name is good,
your works are good,
your words are good,
and your way is good,
pleasing and perfect.

Come, O children of God,
let us walk in the will of God,
giver of our abundant joy.


September 23, 2014

Taking a step into a life advice column, my latest article at Relevant is “You Are More Than Your Resume.”

An excerpt:

We find ourselves…asking: How is that person on the fancy sheet of paper and the person I know I am the same person?

The truth is, we so often lionize the people we admire and the work they produce that we forget they were human. Namely, humans for the most part have done things far beyond what their resume say. Whether you are a farmer or a pharmacist, you will always be more than your resume. All too often we let our resume define us. Our resumes encapsulate our entire identity, but in reality they never aptly describe who you are completely. Resumes are like movie trailers: They highlight what you want your audience to know but never tell the whole story.

Click here to read the rest.

September 22, 2014

God of Justice,

the whole world is out of sync, wobbling…
off center and disoriented.

May your justice transform the landscape:
deserts into streams,
bogs into gardens,
fetid waters into sweet pools.

The faithful ones wait for your justice too.

We wait for the Prince of Peace
to make the world right again,
to fix the way, center the wheel,
balance the scales and
put the universe back in order.

For this is your world, O God, and we are but your vessels.


September 18, 2014

Pray As You GoOne of the worship tools I have really enjoyed for a long time is Pray As You Go, an Ignatian prayer resource. Each day you are led into a time of prayer and meditation with a song or chant and then a daily Scripture reading. It was a fantastic resource, but it was harder to do “as you go”when you had to download the mp3 files. So I was elated to find out that there is a PAYG app for Android and iPhone.

I would encourage you to download the app so that you can stream or play the prayers offline as you are on your daily commute or lunch break.

September 17, 2014

Back in the Day

A month ago I had the opportunity to participate in my church’s Back In The Day sermon series. I preached on the life of Joseph and how it is a foreshadowing of Christ, and more urgently, a call for us to prepare to provide sacrificially to others.

Click the link to play¬†“Prepared to Provide”.


September 16, 2014

God of Assurance,
Fountain of unfailing love,
well of wisdom and grace,
a mountain of mercy and
stream of salvation,
planter of peace and harvester of hope:
speak to us, that we may flourish;
nurture us, that we may grow;
rescue us, that we in turn may deliver;
and bless us, that we may prosper
in the ways of the Kingdom
and cling to the promise of everlasting life.


September 8, 2014

God of earnest goodness
And ever faithful love,
Who shines forth his radiant blessings
Upon all creation, and having
Blessed the earth, calls us
To take care of all the world:
Humankind and every living thing
And every resource above or below.

For who should squander the gifts of God?

Instead, let our hearts be fixed
On how the complex web of evil, decay
and destruction will be overturned
(And is even now being overturned!)
By the powers of Christ and the Holy Spirit,
As the world is renewed and set to rights,
That the whole created order may flourish
And take part in the worship
Of Christ’s Kingdom come.