Worship Music Bingo

Have you ever been standing in church and thought I’ve heard this before? or this word gets repeated a lot? or every song sounds the same!

Well I have news for you: the answers are yes, yes and of course!

That’s why I created worship music bingo. Now you have the opportunity to actually track the repetition, cliche and myopic viewpoints reinforced by much of modern worship music in real time and with your friends! It’s like sabermetrics for church! And the best part is that some one wins!

Here are the rules for worship music bingo:

  1. Print off worship music bingo cards for you and your friends
  2. Use the bingo cards to keep track of when different words are used
  3. The first one to get bingo wins!


  • See how many weeks it takes to fill up the whole card.
  • Give cards out to your friends who attend different churches and compare your cards at a Sunday brunch.

You can download your own Everyday Liturgy Presents Worship Music Bingo™ card by clicking the download button.