Recipe: Brie & Apple Sandwiches

This is the fourth post on the subject of Creation Care, one of the five spheres of a Christian ethic of eating. Talking about eating ethically is absolutely necessary, but if there is not a practical element to the Christian ethic of eating then its all an exercise in thought and not action. Use this recipe to take from the fruit of creation and make something that is seasonal and tastes absolutely amazing!

For me, Brie is the queen of cheeses. It is refined, elegant, dainty and can be dressed up with the most wonderful accompaniment.
It goes with all the seasons: a oozing and comforting baked brie in the winter, accompanied with fresh strawberry preserves and crackers in the spring and just paired with a crisp, sweet white wine in the summer.
For autumn, my favorite way to eat brie is in a grilled cheese sandwich with fall fruits: apples, pears or figs.

This easy meal can be made in just one pan. When complete it is stunning in both simplicity and the perfection of flavor.

Brie & Apple Sandwiches
Makes 2 sandwiches

Apple (firm, not too ripe)
French bread (enough for four sandwich slices)
Butter (1-2 tbsp.)
Brie (the creamier the better!)

1. Core an apple and slice into eighths. Keep the skin on.
2. In a skillet, melt butter. Add the apple slices and cook until slightly brown but still firm.
3. While apple is sautéing slice french bread into desired sandwich thickness and butter one side of each slice.
4. Remove sautéed apple slices from skillet and place two slices of bread butter side down in skillet. Places slices of brie onto bread.
5. Once brie has started to melt, place four apple slices onto each piece of bread, then cap each sandwich with another piece of bread.
6. Toast each side of the sandwich to the desired level of browning and serve warm.