Answering the Bible’s Call

We are especially honored to be joined today by advocates who dedicate their lives — and, at times, risk their lives — to liberate victims and help them recover.  This includes men and women of faith, who, like the great abolitionists before them, are truly doing the Lord’s work — evangelicals, the Catholic Church, International Justice Mission and World Relief, even individual congregations, like Passion City Church in Atlanta, and so many young people of faith who’ve decided that their conscience compels them to act in the face of injustice.  Groups like these are answering the Bible’s call — to “seek justice” and “rescue the oppressed.” – President Obama

I am blessed to work at an organization like International Justice Mission that focuses on bringing justice to those in slavery and oppression every day. Yet, this is a universal call that can be answered in a myriad of ways, from giving someone a cup of cold water to confronting someone who is picking on neighbors in your community.

How can you begin to answer the Bible’s call to “seek justice” and “rescue the oppressed” in your neighborhood, town or local region?

How have you been able to see God work to bring justice into places of hopelessness in your community?