Be the Wheel

Today we hear from guest blogger Lisa Colon Delay.

In wrapping up my time at the Renew & Refine Writer’s Retreat, I mentioned the visual aid of the wheel.

It’s the kind of simple thing that can stick with you and give you more grounding and I love to share it. My spiritual director shared a version of this with me.

Our lives have a center, a hub, just like a wheel. What is at the center?

No, not what, but Who.

A “who” is the center:
God, the great I Am.

No matter where we go, we are always on that wheel. We are connected to the center even if we are on the outside and attached by just a spoke.

We never leave the wheel. It’s impossible.

It is not possible to be separated from God and his Love (here’s the Biblical reference for that). After we spend some time on various parts of the wheel and maybe we feel all the spinning, we can move to the center that moves not.

If you feel yourself getting sucked out to the end on your wheel, flung by the bumps, or dizzy from the speed…simply move to the Center. Where do you find this Center?

In the sky? no.

In the church on Sunday? not so much, but that can be nice too…sometimes.

In the Scriptures? Not, exactly, but that can point the way.

The Center is within you.
It is God’s home. You are God’s home. Go to the center of you and find God there. Go to your home.

Centering prayer is that simple too. Just pick one meaningful word. (Maybe… Jesus, Love, Grace, Hope. Peace, or whatever you’d like to bring you home.) Then pray this word, slowly, carefully, pushing to the side the rest of things, until you sense that you are growing centered with God, your Source. Be there, and carry that sense of the Spirit with you. When you need it, do it again. Come to Center again. And again.

Remember, you aren’t merely on the wheel, you are the wheel.

What spiritual practices help you stay human and tether better with God?